Guest Instructor in 2015!

I am pleased to welcome Patricia Fortinsky to my studio this coming winter, where she will be leading four hand-spinning workshops in January through March.  

About Patricia Fortinsky and Tidal Yarns 

My introduction to fibers and the art of spinning wool began more than 25 years ago while living in Maine and raising three small children. I had been knitting since childhood and became fascinated with the process of creating my own yarn.  During my years in Maine I learned the basics of spinning wool, spending lots of time with other spinners and enjoying the many beautiful fibers I collected at festivals throughout the State. 
Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to work on two different sheep farms and learn through hands on experience what it takes to produce high quality raw wool. The knowledge I have gained, and continue to gain, about the raw wool itself has become a passion of mine. 
Most of the fleeces I select are washed and spun at small, independent New England mills. I feel very strongly about supporting small farms and businesses to help preserve the local natural resources involved in creating beautiful yarns. 
As a long time supporter of locally grown organic foods, I am naturally drawn to finding the colors and pigments hidden inside local plants. The secrets come out in a process of chopping, soaking and heating the dye stuffs. There are now ancient natural dyes available through sources that are self-sustaining. They open up new color worlds and combined with the local dyes create a luscious color spectrum full of surprises and infinite possibilities of color combinations.