Announcing the next Alpaca Rug Workshop!

Alpaca Rug Workshop:  9 am to 3 pm,  April 11 & 12, 2014  

This two-day workshop is for beginners (or experienced) weavers to create their own 2' by 3' alpaca rug on my pre-warped looms.  You will learn the various tricks I've learned through my production weaving to make a durable and beautiful rug.  The big Glimakra and three Macombers will be warped up with different color warps and weavers will use CKW bulky alpaca yarn spun by Dragon Fly Farm in Canterbury, CT.  Three weavers will weave side-by-side on three individual warps wound on the big Glimakra, and the other three will weave solo on a Macomber.  You will need to purchase one bump per rug, and there will be several colors/styles and warp colors to choose from.  Weavers will have plenty of time to weave at their own pace and then completely finish their edges once their rug is off the loom.  Students on the Macomber looms will have the option of weaving either fringed or bound edges for their headers.   All participants will learn how to finish these headers to produce sturdy edges on their rugs.

Participants:  Six weavers. 

Workshop Fee for two-days: $140.00.                                                        

Materials Fee:  natural-colored alpaca bumps: $75.00 each.  Dyed alpaca/merino blend bumps: $85.00 each.  Warps are on the loom already and are included in the workshop fee.