Summer Farmer Markets!

It's been so much fun to be a part of two local farmers markets this summer, and there are still a few left.  Meeting new people, sharing stories and showing my work has been wonderful in these places, because the people are warm and friendly, and they show a real interest in what I'm doing.   I hope you'll take the time to visit before the end of the market season and experience the fun and warmth these markets create. 

Lyme Farmers Market at Ashlawn Farm in Lyme is set on a farm that has been owned by one family for generations.  The wide-open fields are bordered by beautifully made stone walls, with quintessential rural New England character.  Cows graze in the distance, and occasionally the horses come up near the barn to nibble on grass that children offer.  The goats and chickens offer more entertainment for children, and the amazing coffeehouse in the barn is a great spot for the whole family to relax and watch the pastures and sky.  This is my home market, and I'm so glad it is because it has an intimate, family feeling that you don't find in other farmers markets.  Please come down and visit if you can!

78 Bill Hill Rd, Lyme, CT
September 7 and 28, 2013
Saturdays from 9:30am to 12:30
Visit their website

The Coventry Farmers Market is the largest and possibly most entertaining farmers market in Connecticut.   It cited as one of New England’s BEST farmers’ markets by YankeMagazine and it's certainly a bustling and fun place to be on a Sunday afternoon.  I will be there two more times this year, and both of these dates are special festival themes so please check their website to learn more about what's going on there.  I hope to see you there, but you'll have to search me out because it's so BIG!

THE COVENTRY FARMERS' MARKET at the Nathan Hale Homestead
2299 South Street, Coventry, CT
September 15 and October 27, 2013    
Sundays 11am to 2pm:  
Visit their website