:|:|: ALPACA RUGS :|:|:

Soft and warm, alpaca rugs will make you happy to step out of bed on a cold New England morning!  Farmers contend that there are as many as 20 shades of alpaca fleece, starting with soft white that progresses through pale to dark fawn, chocolate browns, silvers and grey and ending with a dark brown/black.  Stephanie weaves rugs that highlight these natural colors, but paler alpaca fleece can be dyed and custom colors woven into very colorful rugs.


Stephanie is committed to working locally and collects her fleeces from farms close to her home.  This fleece is washed and spun into yarn by local spinning mills.  The cotton warp is grown in the southeastern United States, and then spun and dyed in North Carolina.  These rugs are truly 100% made in America.


Use: A low-traffic rug, these rugs are wonderful in the bedroom where their unique softness can be  
appreciated and treasured.  Please do not use them to wipe your feet in the front foyer!  


Settle into your meditation on a soft, warm alpaca square.  Larger sizes can be ordered, but our standard is 30" square.  


BELOW are an assortment of warp and weft color combinations.